Monday, April 5, 2010

From One Extreme To Another

After experiencing the snowiest winter in nearly fifteen years, we could potentially break record highs this week. The Bermuda High will strengthen to our southeast and bring in some of the warmest air we have seen since last September!

Here are the two records that we could potentially break:
  • Tuesday...92 set in 1942
  • Wednesday...94 set in 1929

If you don't like the heat, you will have to be patient. It appears that this current weather pattern will break down by the end of the month. The North Atlantic Oscillation is a great index to spot long range trends. Whenever NAO is negative, temperatures will remain generally below normal, which explains our bitterly cold February. If NAO is positive, then temps will be above average, like what we've seen for the past couple weeks. The latest data continues to show NAO diving below zero by the end of this month, so get ready for a bumpy ride!